Request for Proposals

Invitation for Companies to be In the List of Approved Suppliers

Related Documents: Standard Prequalification Document for Database of Approved Suppliers

Reference Number: SASO/2022/2


  1. The SADC Aviation Safety Organisation (SASO) invites eligible suppliers and service providers who wish to establish a business relationship with SASO, for provision of the following services to be included in SASO’s suppliers’ list of approved suppliers’ database:

  1. Supply of General Office Stationery and Computer Stationery

  2. Supply and Maintenance of Computer Hardware & Software

  3. Supply of General Office Supplies

  4. Supply of Promotional Materials

  5. Supply and Maintenance of Office Furniture & Equipment

  6. Supply and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment

  7. Supply of Drinking water and Water dispensers

  8. Supply and Maintenance of Wall mounted Air conditioners

  9. Supply of Staff Uniforms

  10. Supply of automobile parts

  11. Provision of Courier services (local and international)

  12. Provision of Outside Catering Services

  13. Provision of Staff ID printing services

  14. Provision of Office repair works-electrical/plumbing/carpentry

  15. Provision of Meeting and Conferencing facilities within Mbabane

  16. Provision of Sign writing and Engraving Services

  17. Provision of Advertising Services

  18. Provision of Cleaning and Fumigation Services

  19. Provision of Motor Vehicle Hire Services

  20. Provision of Printing Services

  21. Provision of Hotel services within Mbabane

  22. Provision of Travel Agent services

  23. Provision of interpretation services

  24. Provision of Accounting and Audit Services

  25. Provision of Consultancy Services

  26. Provision of Training Services

  1. The eligibility criteria for registration are detailed in the Standard Prequalification Document, which for example includes the following:

  1. A copy of a Valid Tax Clearance Certificate (Tax Compliance Certificate) or exemption thereof issued in the country where the bidder is based;

  2. Trading License or equivalent, Form J (List of Directors);

  3. Form C (Shareholding) or equivalent;

  4. Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent;

  5. Labour Compliance Certificate or equivalent; and

  6. Police Clearance for Directors.

  1. The standard prequalification document can be accessed on the SASO website at:

  1. The closing time and date for submission of the proposals is 28 March 2023. No late submissions will be considered.

  1. All notifications and requests for clarification and the respective responses will be published on the following website:

  1. Completed Documents shall be delivered in a sealed envelope physically, by post or email to the address below:

Related Documents: Standard Prequalification Document for Database of Approved Suppliers

Manager Corporate Services

SADC Aviation Safety Organisation

P. O. Box 7919



Physical Address

Sibekelo Building

5th Floor, Mhlambanyatsi Road